Rocky Top Sports World Hosts First Rubik’s Cube Competition

For Immediate Release – December 6, 2017
GATLINBURG, TN – Media Contact: Haley Fugate,, (865) 325-0044

Rocky Top Sports World Hosts First Rubik’s Cube Competition

Gatlinburg, TN – Known for the numerous sporting events hosted on the 80-acre campus over the past four and a half years, Rocky Top Sports World is no stranger to competition. A new realm of ‘athletes’ filled the 86,000 square-foot facility the first weekend of December 2017 – members of the World Cube Association (WCA).

The governing body for ‘mechanical puzzle competitions’, the WCA brought 16 separate events to the venue with 64 total participants. The most attended event, the 3x3x3 cube, began with 61 competitors and the final round crowned Drew Brads the winner with an average time of 8.75 seconds.

Other events included solving various cube sizes, one-handed competitions, and even an event where participants could only use their feet to unravel the puzzle. “I really enjoyed having a competition at Rocky Top Sports World in Gatlinburg. The venue was huge with enough space for our event, the staff helped us out with anything that we needed, and the town was amazingly beautiful from when we arrived to when we left,” commented Jacob Ambrose, WCA Delegate. “We can’t wait to return!”

The World Cube Association hosts events throughout the North and South America, Europe, and Asia. “Seeing how popular this sport is made the Rocky Top Sports World staff appreciate that our venue was chosen to host a competition,” commented Business Development Manager Joe Reeping. “We are all excited to expand our future offerings with the WCA.”

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